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Seascapes Paintings - Acrylic

Seascapes 'Wild and Remote'

These seascapes paintings are a real joy to do and although at first glance they may look the same, in reality, each one is uniquely different. The paintings are based on an imaginary 'wild and remote' coastal beach scene.  The colours in the foreground are a contemporary take on the mix of colours and textures found at these locations against a backdrop of a distant, more figurative seaside landscape and sky.
Each painting is primed with several coats of primer on an MDF board (both front and back). The sizes vary quite a bit but are ideal for those odd wall spaces in hallways, bathrooms, landings, kitchens etc. The seascape image continues round the sides of each painting, giving a finished look, so if you don't want to get it framed you don't have to. I have also as further protection varnished the front of the painting as well, so if any accidental spills or scuffs occur, they can be wiped off with a damp cloth. There is a fixing attached to the back of each artwork, so all you need is a good strong fixing fitted to the wall for an easy hanging.